viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

Humanicidal Blasphemoterror "Ritualistic Abortion cleansing of all Life" Promo tape 2017

Humanicidal Blasphemoterror
Promo tape 2017
30 copies

Deformed in MMXVI By
Precantrious Neanderthal Meth Obsidian Guitars Fester and Sacramental Oposities verses
And Ritual Octagon Wrath Lust War sphicotic warfuck Goatskins
Rehearse some months before record drums at Black Hate gospel Studios 21012017 and guitars and Imprecation Oposities verses at Genocidal Ram Carnage 13022017. Ended in this recording consisting in 5 songs
1.     Subhuman Infection
2.     Disgusting life Erradication
3.     Void alchemy Dammnation
4.     Mutilating mass sacramental faith
5.     NeoGenetic Chaos eradication

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