lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011



Eternal Analoge Worship
(If you are a False don`t Entry)

Prices $ 7.- + Shipping Each Tape 
Contact: bestial666desecrationrec@hotmail.com

BD-VIII : Vomit Christ/ Nihil Domination "Bestial Re-Desecrators"
Split tape 2011 (Availiable)
lim. to 200 copies
pro cover
format cassette

BD-VI : Bakbakwalanooksiwae "Freudian Black metal Compilation"
 Compilation of their 2 works in one Tape
date Released 2011
limited to 100 copies
format cassette

BD-V : Blasfematorio "Liturgies of Blasphemy"
Demo II date released 2009 (Avaliliable)
limited to 150 copies
Pro cover and tape
format Cassette

BD-IV : Vomit Christ "Immpure Vomitor of the Bastard Fucked     Christ"
Demo I date released 2007 (Availiable)
limted to 150 copies
pro cover
Format Cassette

BD-III : Blasfematorio "Consumada la Profanacion"
demo I date released 2007 (Availiable)
pro cover 
Lim 150 copies
format cassette

BD-II : Grave Throne "Burning the Flesh and Bones of Christ" 
demo 2  released in 2006 (sold out)
Xeroxed cover
limt 100 copies
format cassette

BD-I :Grave Throne "Merciless Satan Arises!!!" Demo 1 released date 2004 limt. 200 copies (sold out)
Por cover 
format cassette.