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 BESTIAL  DESECRATION  LIST update  08/12/ 2011
Only  for  true  worshipers  of  Analoge plage !!!
All cassettes are $7.- + shipping.
Or another specificated price

I.               Serpent Hordes - In the name of Satan demo II      
II.        Verdugo - Perversion y destrucción demo 2010          
III.  Proclamation – Black conjuration reh. 30-1-04    $15          
IV.       Sulphure – s/t  demo 2007                                         
V.              Necromancer – Three songs for Satan                        
VI.       Demonic War – Die in the pentagram                          
VII. Demonic War – Cristo rey decapitado                          
VIII.                 Necromancer – Black legions                             
IX.        Bestial Cult – Throne of blood & fire                          
X.              Enemy of god – Masacre y barbarie cd-r                      
XI.        Grave  Throne – Burning the flesh & bones of …      
XII.  Freezing Fog – Hellish rites                                      
XIII.                  Nocturnal – Under the unholy ritual                   
XIV.To Arkham – Born to hate + live Evil                
XV.       Xerbeth – Fuerzas del mal                                            
XVI.Blasfematorio – Liturgies of Blasphemy              
XVII.                 Grave Throne – Merciless Satan arises !!             
XVIII.          Blasfematorio – Consumada la profanación          
XIX.  Vomit Christ – Immpure Vomitor Of the Bastard … 
XX.       Babakwalanooksiwae – Freudian Blackmetal compil    
XXI.  Nihil Domination/Abominablood – Split tape              
XXII.                 Evil madness –Maze of Souls                               
XXIII.           Vomit of Doom – Fatal Assault                             
XXIV.                Blasphemator – demo I                                          
XXV.                       Grave Throne – Merciless Satan Destructor        
XXVI.                Communion – demo I     $12                                          
XXVII.          Vomit Christ/Nihil domination – Bestial Redesecrators
         Split tape 2011
XXVIII.   Blaspherit – Fallen Oath of Black Doom      $12           
XXIX.                 Horda – Mas alla de la muerte                                  
XXX.Chainsaw Killer – Nemesis of jesus christ           
XXXI.                 Death corpse – Brutal deseso                                  
XXXII.          Neackbreaker – s/t                                                 
XXXIII.    Chainsaw Killer/Quimera  Split tape                   
XXXIV.         Comando Nuclear – Batalhao infernal                   
XXXV.                Misericore – Prelude to destruction                        
XXXVI.         Necropsis – Sinfonias del Necrocomio                  
XXXVII.   Nosferatu – Returning to the slaughter                  
XXXVIII.                    Bitru – Evil slayers of hell                            
XXXIX.          Cabra negra – s/t                                                    
XL.       Ceifador/Iron Gang – The razor of hell is back…       
XLI.Rotting Blood – letheo,necarius Red                       
XLII.                 Alcoholic Force – Alcoholic Mutilators                    
XLIII.          Antemortem – unholy mutilator of christ                 
XLIV.                Battlerage – Living slaughter                                 
XLV.                      Shelley – Heavy metal para satanistas  

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