domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

BD-X MALEVENTUM "Satanic Might-Blasphemous Chaos" OUT NOW !!!!!

OUT    NOW !!!!!!
$12 Post- Payed America!!!!
$17 Post - Payed Rest of the world !!!

Paypal accepted!!!!

"Satanic Might-Blasphemous Chaos"
Compilation tape
Limited to only
66 handnumbered Fucking Copies !!!

MALEVENTUM Play`s Bestial & Chaotic Raw Black Metal, In the True SouthAmerican Kult Way….
Hard Influenced by Rituals like Sarcofago, Blasfemia(Col), Archgoat, Blasphemy & Mystifier…
Not for TrendyWeaks
This Compilation Tape evokes 10 WarHymns
From All their Works at the Date
But spects no one in Studio but only
Direct liveAssault Recordings.


 Track list:
1. Ejaculation on the Rotten Messiah
2. Bloody Antichristian Ritual
3. Consecration of the Black legions (Rehearsatanic Onslaught)
 4. Black Metal is The Satan Law
 5. Infernal Majestic Black Dawn
 6. Enter to the Reign of Satan (Live Satanic Onslaught)
 7. Deathcrush (Live Hail to old Mayhem)
 8. Chaos.Blasphemy.Antichrist (Live Necronslaught)
 9. Guerra total (Hail to Blasfemia)
 10. The Black Vomit (Hail to Sarcofago)

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