domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

BD-IX HERETICUM(spain) "Catacumbas Hecce Hommo" OUT NOW !!!!!!

OUT    NOW !!!!!!

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Catacumbas Hecce Hommo
( ltd. to 100 black and 100 white  cassettes)
Tape Lp  
The Band never recorded anything until 2009 for lack of interest. Hereticum is a cruel division from Cum Mortuis band,today called Natrium Muriaticum 9 invocations of the most brutal necro-black metal ever, influenced by the grand old ones as Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Sadistik Execution,Corpse Molestation,Von.
All the blasphemies spawned to this date by the band are here for the first time:
“Paradox” demo 2009
“Necrofuneral Nation” demo 2009
“Sacraments of Immpurity” demo 2010
All this cult demos were never spread to the masses but only distributed among few demons
Unburied from the grave literally !!!

And now in one tape.

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