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BD-XXIII ANCIENT GRAVE "Storming abhorrence" tape MMXII

BD-XXIII ANCIENT GRAVE "Storming abhorrence" tape MMXII

!!!!!OUT NOW!!!!

Ancient Grave was awoken in late 2007. Although the line-up was incomplete, the bands core was composed of the founders (Inhibitor) and (Morboso), as well (Kaos Wolf). Through time the band would go through numerous members all of which had little or no influence on the band. It was in mid 2008 that Justin(Hell Conjuror) would complete the current line-up. All music is written by Ancient Grave. Though the band originated in Riverside, CA, due to misfortunate circumstances, it has deranged throughout the L.A., O.C. and I.E. area. Ancient Grave plays Black metal with a multitude of influences.
A voyage into the deepest evocations of the storming abhorrence !!!! Enjoy it !!!!!!
Limited to 200 copies, the first 50 ones comes in a cult 6 folds one mini poster in the reverse of the inlay and one 17.5" x 11.5" poster. And 150 normal 3 folds front and reverse inlay.

Special version $ 9.99

normal version $ 6.66
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