lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

BD-XX Deiphago "Rapeslay Of the Virgin Mary" Official demo reedition

"Rapeslay Of the Virgin Mary"
Standar white tape and mini poster
And Special first 50 copies includes a red tape and 
back patch
Finally, OUT NOW !!!!!! officially RELEASE on cassette tape:
Deiphago - Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary (demo 2006)

Original versions that were recorded in E-flat tuning. 

This is the original master not the remastered version of the split with Necroholocaust.

1. Death to Everything
2. Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary
(song that became AngelRapeslay )
3. Sacrifice for Satan
(demo version clocks in at 05:14)
4. Heavenly Father (Profanatica)

The Hellish Promo that restarted All the Massacre back in 2006 here in Analogue Cassette the first time ever ........ Only 333 copies

your God and your fucking bitch mary Die Again
new cover Artwork and the raw Experience that only cassettes bring...

Here in Bestial Desecration

White  tape Us $ 6.66 + shipping
Blood Red Tape Us $12 + shipping

contact : bestialdesecrationrecords@gmail.com

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